Discernment Track – Multiply Vineyard Summit

Discernment Track


What God Is Doing In You Is Worth Multiplying



Our Vision:

To see potential church planters have the permission to discover their strengths, story, structure, and next steps towards planting a church.

Track Overview:

Session 1: Strengths
Led by Sherri Harder, we will learn about ourselves through the framework of the Enneagram. As we walk through our own self-discovery, Sherri will also be help us understand how our preferences, personality, and strengths work with others on teams.

Attendees will leave with tools and self-awareness that will be useful personally and as they develop their church planting team.

Session 2: Story
With a diverse panel led by John Aureli, potential planters will hear stories of discernment from Vineyard Pastors Renee Cunningham, Miguel Aviles, and Geno Olison. This session will give potential planters permission to discover their own stories in their own context.

Attendees will then have the chance to sit with successful church planters to ask questions and process their own discovery.

Session 3: Structure
Led by Josh Harder & Geno Olison, potential planters will hear about how Josh and Geno felt shaped their planting teams around who they were and the story God had given them. Our hope is that planters will feel permission to create the team structure they need in order to accomplish the vision God has given them.

Attendees will then have the chance to sit with successful church planters to ask questions and process how God may be shaping their own team structure.

Session 4: Steps
Led by John Aureli, Josh Harder, and the Multiply Vineyard Team, potential planters will hear about how the Vineyard has organized the church planter discernment path for potential church planters to gain confidence, understanding, and hear God’s voice all along the way.

Attendees will have an extended time to ask questions of the Multiply Team and all session leaders.

You will be learning with:

John Aureli

Senior Pastor

Mission Vineyard, San Antonio, TX

Josh Harder

Senior Pastor

Houston Vineyard, Houston, TX

Sherri Harder

Pastor, Church Planter, Spiritual Director

The Vineyard Church, Des Moines, IA

Geno Olison

Senior Pastor

South Suburban Vineyard Church, Flossmoor, IL

Renee Cunningham

Campus Pastor

Neighborhood Vineyard, Chicago, IL