Multiply Vineyard Summit – Vineyard church planting conference

2021 Multiply Vineyard Summit: Now & Next

Be empowered for what God is doing now and all he’s calling you to next at the 2021 Multiply Vineyard Summit.

As pastors and leaders, we’re facing new challenges as we learn what it looks like to do ministry now in the middle of so much uncertainty. Even in the midst of all that, we know God is empowering us to thrive, to be planning and preparing for what comes next, to be purposefully multiplying disciples, leaders, and even churches.

That’s why we’re excited to be hosting the 2021 Multiply Vineyard Summit virtually February 4 & 5! This online experience will help you address your current needs and questions and will envision and empower you to take the next steps in bringing the power and presence of God to the communities around you.

The conference will include main session talks from great speakers, practical breakout sessions where you’ll interact with others facing similar challenges, and times for worship and contemplation. Each attendee will receive a playbook with practical resources and next steps and will get plugged into a long term community with future opportunities to interact and grow together.




For years, deep down I wondered, could I be a church planter? I didn't see myself as qualified. I didn't even know where to begin. I did, however, always feel the pull towards the adventure of the kingdom. Saying yes to the Multiply Vineyard Summit seemed like a good starting point in gaining clarity and connections with others who stood where I was standing. I went to the Summit giving myself the full permission to wonder, "Could I be a church planter?" It was also so important to have others ahead of me and in step with me to process, discern, pray, dream, and question together.​

Kelsey Thornton, Discerner, Delaware City Vineyard

“As a sending pastor who brought someone who is discerning with me...It stirred up so many great conversations for him and I. I really felt like as a sending pastor I was learning how to send planters well in a way that isn’t just pushing them into the deep end, but in a way that will set them up for success. I came home thinking, I can do this. I felt like I came home with a bag of tools that I honestly didn’t have when I got there.”​

Michael Hansen​, Lead Pastor, Vineyard Church of Delaware County