Multiply Vineyard Summit – Vineyard church planting conference


For years, deep down I wondered, could I be a church planter? I didn't see myself as qualified. I didn't even know where to begin. I did, however, always feel the pull towards the adventure of the kingdom. Saying yes to the Multiply Vineyard Summit seemed like a good starting point in gaining clarity and connections with others who stood where I was standing. I went to the Summit giving myself the full permission to wonder, "Could I be a church planter?" It was also so important to have others ahead of me and in step with me to process, discern, pray, dream, and question together.​

Kelsey Thornton, Discerner, Delaware City Vineyard

“As a sending pastor who brought someone who is discerning with me...It stirred up so many great conversations for him and I. I really felt like as a sending pastor I was learning how to send planters well in a way that isn’t just pushing them into the deep end, but in a way that will set them up for success. I came home thinking, I can do this. I felt like I came home with a bag of tools that I honestly didn’t have when I got there.”​

Michael Hansen​, Lead Pastor, Vineyard Church of Delaware County